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We help businesses build amazing brands without the "big agency" price tag.

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A Young Studio with a 20 year resumé.

Clayton Red Creative Co. is nestled in the suburbs of Surrey, just outside of Vancouver, in beautiful British Columbia Canada. We're a small and highly driven team of thinkers, dreamers, creators, and builders. Most importantly, we have a passion for helping business, organizations, and people find their brand voice and visibly present it in a way that speaks directly and honestly to their audience.

But enough about where we ARE. Where have we BEEN?

We've spent over 20 years establishing our skills in all facets of the web industry, big and small.

We come from the world of local agencies, working with established Vancouver brands like Ricky's Restaurants, CanStar Restorations, and Me n' Ed's Pizzerias, delivering stunning web experiences and interactive online contests for their customers.

We come from the world of Vancouver tech startups, building killer cloud-based apps for uncharted markets like online golf lessons halfway around the world, and logistics software to help your pets relocate from around the globe and track their safe journey.

We come from the world of world-recognized media brands like TVGuide, Metacritic, and CNET, rebuilding legacy codebases into mordern, responsive web applications.

We've taken these years of experiences, triumphs, challenges and lessons learned home, and we can't wait to show you how we can help build, transform, our augment your business's brand and make new connections not just here, but anywhere you dare to venture.

"Real recognizes real."

To build authenticity, your brand needs to genuinely reflect your core values. Every aspect of your business's brand, from your logo to your online experience, should be consistent with the same voice you give at a personal level. Our team works hard to ensure your brand voice is unique, but unmistakably yours.

We're your Swiss Army knife of Creativity.

So what does that mean, exactly?

Does your business need a hand developing a logo and brand system? We can do that. Need a fast, responsive website to let your audience know how awesome your business is? We do that too. Need to add e-commerce to your site to sell directly to your customers? We have you covered there, too.

We can also guide you in digital and social marketing, User Experience optimization, and even create print materials and stickers for your company's next event. Is there something else your business needs? Let's chat over a cup of coffee (or bourbon, we like bourbon too!)


We can't wait to hear from you!

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